Accounting insight and forensic

Jem on crown of our services is accounting insight done by 3D cam software developed by internal specialists and tested by professional IT. 

Having IT team we developed the unique presentation of accounting records in the shape of the 3D Accounting Tree.

This way we can easily analyze massive accounting data in the shape of 3D accounting tree, look at the flows of transactions in the shape of branches flowing between stems and showing the movement of resources.

Using 3D cam we can peform fast analysis of your comprehensive accounting databases and conclude on accounting highlights that need more attention or investigation from management or owner.

Our services may include: 

- analysis of comprehensive accounting database of you company or Group of companies for several years with identification of suspicious transactions

- providing top manager/owner with 3D vision of businesses' tree and explanation of the accounting records 

- periodic renewal of your business accounting tree based on accounting software uploads to 3D visualization

- pre-due-diligence investigation of the target company and identification of the further need for more expensive due diligence (e.g. done by Big Four)

- peforming forensic investigations of financial performance and financial results upon your request

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